Project Gallery

A driveway next to a river that underwent grading and maintenance project in Northwest Arkansas

Driveway Grading and Maintenance 

A nice wooden back deck built by Howl N' Wolf in Northwest Arkansas

Deck Design and Build

A fresh field after brush hogging and field management services in Northwest Arkansas

Brush Hogging & Field Management


Brush hogging on 20-degree grade NWA

Northwest Arkansas field Hickory Creek in the morning

Morning @ Hickory Creek

Northwest Arkansas field Hickory Creek in the afternoon

Afternoon @ Hickory Creek

Horse Farm Driveway

a horse farm driveway in Northwest Arkansas in dire need of grading followed by an image of the nicely graded driveway

Before After

This 1/4 mile driveway had not been graded in 10 years and additional gravel was spread annually.  The gravel compacted making a solid foundation.  However, notice in the left picture, some rippling of the surface due to water erosion. With regular grading, a driveway may not need any additional gravel to maintain an excellent state. 

a Northwest Arkansas field that needs brush hogging

Field Brush Hogging

One of my favorite customers has 5 acres in remote Washington county. It is like going back in time.

an old well on a Northwest Arkansas property

Silent History

This is the original well from the property that dates back to the 1850s. A time when NWA was the frontier.

Driveway Grading NWA Beaver Lake


A rough driveway in Northwest Arkansas that needs grading

Not a very attractive entry to a wonderful lake view.

Front of a driveway in Beaver Lake Northwest Arkansas that has cracked asphalt

Cracked asphalt indicated water was present under the top layer.

An erroded driveway in Beaver Lake Northwest Arkansas that needs grading

Water channeling on the inside of the drive caused erosion and standing water in the driveway.

After Contour Grading: 

The Sub-straight is ready for concrete

Driveway in Beaver Lake Northwest Arkansas after being sculpted and graded

Sculpting the drive for water flow aligning it with the direction of the topography

eroded driveway in beaver lake Northwest Arkansas with a earthen funnel to channel water

Created an earthen funnel channeling water to the outside of the drive

driveway in Beaver Lake Northwest Arkansas with visible signs of water runoff

Evidence of water runoff indicating where additional grading is required

Finished Driveway

The drive concreted and gravel approach

100 Yards of Fill Dirt: Expand Parking Area

Piles of fill dirt in Northwest Arkansas

Fill Dirt

A nice parking area with fresh fill dirt in Northwest Arkansas

New Parking Area