About Me

3 dogs riding on a trailer in front of a tractor in Northwest Arkansas

The Howl'n Wolves

My Howl'n Wolves: They bay once in a while, but are more kin to singing when it is time for a romp.  Howl'n Wolves sounded better than "Singing Dogs" as the name for the business.

One is a Lab Shep mix rescue, and the other two are German Short-Haired Pointer (GSP).

Left to Right 

CJ "Calamity Jane"  

Viktoria "The Runner"

Gwyn " The Alpha Queen"

Steven Bradt standing in front of a tractor in Northwest Arkansas

About Me and My Business

Grew up in North Carolina, working on a dairy farm through high school. Obtained my BA from UNC Chapel Hill, Master's from George Washington University, and postgraduate work at the University of Manchester in the UK and Harvard School of Public Health.

Professionally I worked with leadership to develop standards and processes that optimized available resources, in healthcare, retail, automotive, nuclear, financial, and government. 

Finally, time, tone, and temperament convinced me it was time to adjust to a less complicated existence.   i.e. Too much brain damage incurred

 One may call it retirement, but I love what I do daily, as such it is no longer called work. Thus, I started Howl'n Wolf to spend my time working outside and using my expertise to guide homeowners.

Thank you, and I look forward to serving you and your family.